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“Dennis Yellowhorse Jones, has been an incredible influence in my work. I have been studying humates and ancient soil blends for many years. I came across his website,, in May of 2018 and that began a friendship and mentorship that still exist today. Mr. Jones is knowledgeable and professional. His work in soil remediation is above and beyond what anyone else is out there doing. He has created a resource channel through his company, to provide a product that can turn our soils and farmlands back into a vibrant ecosystem that naturally balances the delicate life within it. By using his humate products, I have seen plants, that were once deeply necrotic, thrive back into Life. If I ever have any questions, Dennis is always available to answer them and offer advice.
My business is Pablo’s Lotus Garden and Apothecary. I grow medicinal herbs, with a deep focus on the importance of rich, healthy soil. By feeding the Earth, we are growing more densely, healing herbs. The plants are harvested and infused into oils, tonics and teas to heal the skin and body. It is a circle of wellness.
Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!