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  1. Humate presentation for the world
  2. Dennis and Vladimir Vasilenko presentation
  3. Dennis and Vladimir Vasilenko presentation(Chinese)
  4. Dennis Yellowhorse Jones president
  5. Dennis Yellowhorse Jones president(Chinese)
  6. New Mex u-mate for Dole food company
  7. New Mex Humate presentation
  8. Humate remediation of petroleum contaminated shorelines
  9. OMRI certificate
  10. White Paper
  11. MSDS Spanish
  13. U-Mate Saudi Arabia
  14. DR. Paul Dettloff
  15. Egg results et al
  16. Egg Trial
  17. Saudia Arabia Animal Feed Trails file
  18. Water Retention and Humates
  19. Water Retention and New Mex U-Mate